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New Alexander session at Phoenix centre
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Gardening with a little Alexander Technique know-how
Walking uphill and against the wind
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Antibiotics for back pain?
Everyday activities
Releasing tension and relieving back pain
Walking in an Alexander way
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Everyday activities

New Alexander session at Phoenix centre

New group session for senior Lewes residents

I have just started a weekly Wednesday morning session at the Phoenix day centre in Lewes aimed at older residents and users of the centre. We are also looking to see whether the Techique is helpful for people with dementia.

If you are a senior and live in Lewes why not pop into the centre to see what's on offer.  Apart from Alexander Technique there are art classes, visiting muscians and a healthy daily lunch.  .

Gardening with a little Alexander Technique know-how

Your garden can be your pride and joy or your source of pain!  Here are some tips which can help you to enjoy your gardening without straining yourself.

1.       If you can, try to do a little and often – an hour 3 times a week rather than 3 hours on one day.  If you only have one day free to garden then take regular breaks – say after every hour of work – sit down and enjoy your garden. (Or even better, lie down insemi-supine (a favourite Alexander Technique position  i.
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