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January 2023 New Year, New Start

We all like to start the New Year with good resolutions and it's a great time to embark on lessons in the Alexander Technique. My clientele range in age up to 79 at the moment and my most senior pupil to date was 93, proof that it's never too old to learn. ( I don't actually ask for someone's age but some people are proud to share).

I love the variety of people who come for lessons - I have musicians, sports men and women, business people, professionals like lawyers and barristers as well as many busy retired people who enjoy keeping active and healthy. I also have had many parents who need support with their back during the demans of early parenting. Most of all I find it rewarding to see the transformation that takes place when someone has been in pain - often for a long time - rediscover their sense of ease and pain-free movement.

As I've recently had to re-develop my website due to the old site no longer being hosted, I've been asking some of my pupils to share their experiences of lessons in the Technique. I'll add these to the testimonial sections as they are given to me. In 20 years of teaching in Lewes I've seen several hundred people many of whom I still see around the town and it's very nice to always be greeted with how life-transforming their lessons have been.

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